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TurnerWoods supports companies in improving their result by using the knowledge and power of people. We do this based on our own methodology in which we focus on people and zoom in on the five pillars that make up an organization.

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People are the creator of success in everything we do

At TurnerWoods we always think from the basis of the business operations and look at what people within the organization need for the optimal execution of their work. This includes knowledge, the position in the organization, the feasibility of processes and the use of systems. We always include issues such as leadership, culture, and trust in our analysis.

Together you achieve more than alone

An organization that works as a team has confidence in each other, dares to speak freely to each other and are open and honest. Employees have clear objectives and responsibilities and are loyal. The profit of a company is not only in reducing margins and capacity but in the value that people add to the organization. We guide companies in analyzing, advising, and implementing the culture change in the organization.

Clarity creates efficiency

By recording processes, no matter how simple, clarity is created within organizations. Based on the established processes, optimization can be made that take the organization further. The recording of agreements or rules of the game give an organization guidance and the clarity that benefits every employee within the organization. Our experts are specialists in their field and have practical experience and expertise to improve processes by looking at all phases of a process and an organization.

Systems are an employee's tools

The time when the IT department decided what was good for the organization is already a while behind us. Nowadays it is the organization that determines what is necessary for good business operations in which the various processes are supported in the right way. Yet we regularly see that companies do not always know what the possibilities of a system are or how it can be used better. Our consultants support you with your business issues and the translation to your system.

Data, the basis of success

Nowadays, companies can no longer do without data. Whether it concerns analyzing the turnover, carrying out a process optimally and efficiently or substantiating strategic choices, this is not possible without reliable data. Having the right data available but also, for example, a correct description contributes to a simplification of business processes. Employees who understand the logic behind certain values can better contribute to process improvements. Our data experts guide your organization in setting up and managing understandable data models in a correct way.


At TurnerWoods we work with experts who, in addition to the necessary theoretical knowledge, have a broad experience within their field. Experts who have the necessary practical experience that enables them to bring complex issues back to the basics. In doing so, they not only look at their own field of expertise, but also understand the importance of correct coordination of the chain within an organization.

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At TurnerWoods we offer you the opportunity and space to work on your personal growth and the organization. Working at TurnerWoods means that you choose freedom, responsibility, and cooperation to get the best out of yourself and others.

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