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Masters in organisation development!

At TurnerWoods we focus on the balance between efficiency and sustainability. Our focus is on the growth of companies and organizations by developing the internal organization, considering social developments. We do this by analyzing the organization, processes, and systems from the point of view of the employees at all levels. Our advice does not only consist of paper, but we also support the implementation. By our no-nonsense approach, being critical and going back to the basics of business operations, we are therefore able to achieve lasting results with our approach. We are convinced that growth comes from within, this applies to people but also to an organization in a changing world.

An organization that works together as a team has confidence in each other, dares to address each other and is open and honest. Employees within the organization have clear objectives and responsibilities and are loyal. The profit of a company is not only in reducing costs and capacity, but in the value that people add to the organization.

Man is the creator of success; in everything we do.

We always start with an analysis of the situation to focus on the real problem. We do this by determining where the organization stands and what the maturity of the organization is.

We identify the bottlenecks and come up with possible solutions and issue advice based on this.

In our advice we do not only look at the "problem", process, or system but at all factors in the chain. We look at the role of people within the chain and where improvements can be achieved on a personal and organizational level.

Together with the organization, we implement the solutions and ensure that they are also guaranteed for the longer term.

Within the projects we do, we see that our approach works and leads to structure, clarity and growth of companies and organizations, not only in the short term but more importantly also in the longer term.

For every project we start, we try to deliver an ROI after the analysis phase so that it is clear what the expected investment and return is.

Our field of work is broad, we work for multinationals and (semi) governments, but also for entrepreneurs within SMEs who are ready for the next step in the growth of their company.


Logistics | Production | Media | Chemistry | Utilities | Catering | Food | Health care


Consultants | Interim Managers | Project Managers | Business Process Managers | Solution Architects | Process Analysts

In addition to theoretical knowledge, our experts also have a broad practical experience, which enables them to bring complex issues back to the basics.

They not only look at their own field of expertise, but they also understand the importance of correct coordination of the chain within an organization.

In addition to experts in organizational advice, we have the following expertise in-house:


Human Resource Management | Coaching | Mediation | Teamontwikkeling | Sourcing | Outplacement | Burnout preventie | Time management | Asset Management


If you want to be successful as a company, people must be central. Whether it is a successful improvement project or an organization that is underperforming, in many cases people are the key. At a time when capacity is scarce, the optimal use, maintenance and deployment of the available capacity is important. Basic thoughts such as the right employee in the right place, clear organizational structures and processes, support systems, but also communication and culture are important. In many cases, the entire chain is neglected and only focuses on the problem where the solution often lies elsewhere. By involving people in improvement processes and giving them the attention, they deserve, improvements can be implemented that are permanent and take organizations further.


We offer employees the space to work on their personal growth and that of the organization. Working at TurnerWoods means that you choose freedom, responsibility, involvement, and cooperation to get the best out of yourself and others.