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Our vision

TurnerWoods is all about people. Employees at TurnerWoods are therefore open, honest, authentic, and focused on development and collaboration both internally and externally.
TurnerWoods stands for sustainable advice and solutions that are practical, concrete, substantiated and aimed at the long-term growth of people and organizations and are always developed from the basic principles of business operations.

Why TurnerWoods was founded?

If you want to be successful as a company, people must be central. Within projects and organizations, the role of people appears to be decisive, whether it concerns a successful improvement project or an organization that performs insufficiently, in many cases, people are the key. Especially in a time where capacity is scarce, the optimal use of the available capacity is even more important.

Basic thoughts such as the right employee on the right place, clear organizational structures, and processes, supporting systems but also communication and culture are important here. In many cases, it is not possible to analyze the entire chain and often only focuses on the problem where the solution in many cases lies elsewhere. By involving people in improvement processes and giving them the attention, they deserve, improvements can be made those that are permanent and take organizations further.

Het team

Ron Serpenti

Managing Director

Strategy & Operations

Wybe Braaksma

Partner & Strategic advisor

Strategy & Finance

Chantal Zegers


Asset Management Consultant

Lienke Pet


Team development

Irma Huitink


Recruitment, outplacement, coaching

Cathy Hoekstra


Time management & Working effectively

Jolie Gutteling


Burnout prevention